Handheld Nintendos - Gameboy Advance Vs DS Lite

The Gameboy Advance SP improves on the original Gameboy Advance in several areas. Apart from what’s changed, a few of the design features, such as dimensions were not compromised by making them smaller. The new clam-shell design protects the screen from outbreaks of violence between brothers or other everyday situations which could seriously ruin an otherwise unprotected LCD screen. The Game Boy Advance SP's most noteworthy feature over the old is built-in lighting on a non reflective LCD Screen. The quality of the backlighting is good – fantastic if you compare to the Gameboy when trying to use the over-screen mini lamp!

The SP comes with a power adapter that recharges a built-in lithium battery which last for 10-18 hours from a 3-4 hour charge.

Final thoughts: A Gameboy Advance SP is an ideal entry level games console which will provide hours of fun.

Red Gameboy Advance

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