Green Day: Rock Band Wii Review

Recommended game, Summer release 2010: Green Day Rock Band is the music video game released by Harmonix, allowing players to play their favorite tunes by the long-running pop punk band. The game has existing Green Day songs already released for the Rock Band franchise as downloadable content, and players can import track lists from the other Rock Band games, excluding the Beatles.

As with the other Rock Band games, players perform simulated music with musical instrument controllers: guitar/bass, drums, and microphone. Hitting notes successfully increases the score, and the greater notes hit in succession also gives bonus points. Overdrive also returns to boost the points gained during certain initiated segments of play. However, the game doesn 't feature "Big Rock Endings" or tambourine sections as previous Rock Band games.

Green Day Rock Band is the first Rock Band game to feature whole albums as playable material, with American Idiot, Dookie, and 21st Century Breakdown in their entirety. The game features a total 47 songs available to unlock and play. The rhythm section shines through out while only some songs feature three part harmony in vocals, but overall the track list fits well with the game play.

Players are still unable to customize the band members, and there is a lack of visually interesting loading sequences or story line tying the different segments together. However, if it 's a steady stream of Green Day glory you 're looking for, this game does that and exceedingly well.

Green Day Rock Band features one of the strongest bands in the last two decades, whose longevity is unquestioned. The game holds true to the Rock Band vision, and is a welcome addition to the Lauren

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