inFamous PS3 (Platinum)

Story: Cole a gritty bike messenger leading an ordinary life until he obtains super-human-powers uncertain whether to use them to do good or not. Maybe you’ll prefer to not?
 Having survived Empire City’s explosion levelling six blocks, your new electricity-type abilities take a while before all is realised. Cole is a wanted man on the run, recorded on camera at the crime scene he’s accused of causing the devastating explosion. Battle against a new line up of iconic villains and uncover Cole’s true purpose and reveal the organisation behind the explosion, standard weapons shall be on hand...

InFamous Verdict: One of the best PS3 games you’ll buy this year

  • Game Stock rating: 9.2/10
  • PEGI: 16+

inFamous PS3

Release Date: 29/05/2009

Gameplay: inFamous not for long, it’s a PS3 exclusive game - categorised as a semi-non violent action-adventure free roaming game brought to you by Sucker Punch productions.  inFamous combines the freedom similar to Grand Theft Auto worlds mixed with superhero abilities on the move control menu. Cole’s powers allow him to absorb, wield and fire electricity. Cole discharges blue bolts of electricity from his hands when you’re playing the hero, then red bolts when you playing inFamous. The game system remembers your previous actions, so don’t be surprised if you set out on a total carnage path and characters shun you. inFamous acts fast to relinquish Karma. Mutant survivors formed gangs amongst the anarchy; you can join them and embark on gang land activities.
inFamous has a large interactive world. Objects have multiple possibilities, as the player you allowed to jump and land on different parts of game world objects. In Mirror’s Edge, the grasp zones are limited to particular ledges, inFamous has multiple grasp zones on ledges and most objects too. We’ve seen Super Heroes harvest electrical energy from living organisms before now. The addictive point of the game play is just doing your own thing. Being an urban explorer, going anywhere without static invisible collision detection.  The game play doesn’t fall flat letting characters appear to walk through solid regions

inFamous Graphics: Layers and layers of animation, particles, filtering and massive RSX cell processing allows this to only execute on PS3 hardware says Sucker Punch. Although the game is on Blu-ray the demo resolution can either run at 720p or standard definition. Character movement looks robotic at full speed. Repetitive gameplay, overall inFamous has a decent story. Chapters are short and quite easy.  One thing that excites PS3 game players is replayability. Reminding us there is not a huge number of best games to own on PS3 early years, this one isn’t high on the list of games I’d want to replay, yet it’s likely to stand up with the best of PS3 platinum games. Downloading new levels cannot be ruled out at this date. DLC, a sequel and a Movie rumours have circulated from PSN. For would be PlayStation 3 owners, an inFamous PS3 bundle is out to pre-order on release day, 29th May 2009.

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