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With Apple’s constant upgrades and technology evolving, it’s hard to imagine what’s going to come next. People often wonder whether they are going to run out of ideas, and just improve upon what they have. With iPhone users eagerly waiting for the iPhone 5 release date, people are all talking amongst themselves about what to expect from the next upgrade. What new features and functions are going to be included on this new iPhone? There are many rumors floating around, but what do Apple themselves have to say about the upgrades that are to come?

New functions on the iPhone 5: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Computers opens the show with a keynote speech next week at the World Wide Developer Conference 11-15 June 2012. At the event, Cook will unveil a new look iPhone which will most likely not be released until the 1st year anniversary of the last model (4S) has lapsed.

No new hardware release is complete without a major software upgrade: iOS 6. Most older Apple systems benefit too, by allowing iPods, iPads, and iPhones to have many new exciting features; however this is not always possible for some functions such as Siri–the voice recognition app that launched on the iPhone 4S.

iPhone 5 Maps

Apple has seen stiff competition from Google and vice versa. What this means for customers is a great divide is likely to come about. Google will start charging for their free services such as Google Maps, some of the free services have gone to being chargeable - Paid inclusion of Shopping Results, and also their new digital store https://play.google.com is in direct competition with Apple’s iTunes. Google Play sells books, music, games, and lets you rent movies on demand from what was once called Android marketplace. Therefore, Apple needs to launch a new Mapping App to remove the built-in Google Mapping App, plus all other existing Google feature's need to be phased out. Is this the new iPhone 5 with a built-in Apple Maps?

The new 2012 iPhone 5 will most likely have a larger viewable screen size. MacRumours hinted at a larger touch screen measuring about 3.99 inches producing 1136 x 640 res; which would be smaller spec to the new Samsung Galaxy S3, which has a massive 4.8 inch touch screen. The image above fits the description nicely, and a major design improvement everyone wants to see would be for a built in bumper to protect the screen from all to common shatter damage occurring if dropped. Source: https://www.techzek.com/iphone-5-will-finally-launch-on-october-4-apple-confirmed

Strange but true: Meanwhile this week in L.A California it’s the E3 annual videogames conference. E3 is the place with breaking news on the newest gaming systems and prototypes of future games consoles. Microsoft yesterday announced a new product called ‘Xbox SmartGlass’. Apple surprisingly never participate in the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo, even though they have market leading gadgets.

New functions on the iPhone 4S: Apple released the iOS 5 last October, and inside the new operating system numerous new functions changed the way you use your mobile phone. Keeping in the tradition of tech upgrades, the 4S got the same bigger and faster treatment. In the UK we don't have a 4G network - it is still being created. Japan and USA do have 4G WiFi and can download at 80Mbps!

One smart software function you get on iOS 5 is the notification center, which is an easy swipe on the phone, which will bring down the notification center from the top of the screen. Here you can see all your message, mail and SMS notifications and more.

Another new software function is the iMessage. iMessage allows you to talk FREE (no sms text rate) to other people using iPods, iPhones, iMacs and iPads, you can chat, send photos, videos, contacts and even locations. This has brought the apple community even closer, enabling instant communication for all Apple device users.

The News Stand is going to be available, which is a graphic news stand showing all your favourite downloaded and subscribed to magazines and newspapers. You can freely pick them off the shelves and read them as they become available.

There is also a very easy access camera going to be located where you unlock your iPhone. It will be right along side the sliding bar you use to unlock your iPhone, which is much easier to locate. You will be able to capture moments much quicker using this feature, as some moments pass by quickly, now you will have the best chance of capturing them, with the camera option available on the lock screen.

The reminder feature will be vastly improved. You can input a reminder saying when you go to the grocery store, you need apples. When you go to the grocery store with your iPhone, you will be prompted by your phone, telling you that you need to buy apples. No longer will you forget to look at reminders, as your phone will be reminding you for you. You can use this function in many ways, as it is location based, no need to worry about your forgetful mind any more, your iPhone has your back. Written 07/06/2012 by Chip Searl. Visit his site here: iPhoneprices.uk

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