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The new iPod touch 5th generation is something we'd all like to see pretty soon but there is no mention of anything coming from Apple. Apple have always maintained a certain level of secrecy when launching their new products and devices as they like them to randomly explode onto the market, this makes it very difficult for us tech enthusiasts to find out what's going to be on the new iPod touch 5th gen. However Apple is known for taking it's large world wide surveys on customer satisfaction and what people want from new devices, and in the past it has been seen with present apple devices that the manufacturers at Apple do take notice of what the public say and put it into action. So a good way to guess and have an educated estimate on what apple are going to put into their new device is to look at customer survey answers and statistics.


I love the features!

Free Apps

The iPod Touch 4th Gen is not so well known for being an amazing games console. But in fact, it is just that. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. Each new iPod gets better graphics, a better user interface making idea gaming controls: a bigger 4" touch screen, sensors, gyroscopes, 3D Augmented Reality, the CPU and visuals have improved immensely. This is probably going to be only portable media player you need. You can buy games from as little as £0.99. The fact is, the App Store is killing the game stores across the world, by giving away awesome games free! Check out Angry Birds, or Temple Run reviews if you doubt me. Developers are making games exclusive to Apple devices, forget PS Vita games which cost £34.00. Nintendo's Wii U hybrid tablet console will need to prove its worth up against Apple computers. The new iPod Touch can surf the web and display full screen Webpages. Need I go on? GameCenter lets you compare high-scores. iPod has full support for social website - Facebook, Twitter, Bing and Windows Live!

One of the most fun and free features of the current iPod touch gen is face time. Face time allows you to speak with your friends who have the iPad, iPhone or the same iPod touch as you. It's a great way to communicate and lets face it some things are better said face to face and this cool feature allows you to do just that. Why text and call when you can use face time quickly without having to pay for anything, simply using WiFi you can freely talk to your apple device buddies.

If keeping in touch amongst your mates is important, then you'll be glad to know with iMessage on IOS 5 you can send SMS messages completely free to Apple contacts! Now its never been easier to share funny photos using iTouch's in built camera. You can even personalise text messages by installing the emoji keyboard – which features lots of cute emoticons.

Cool graphic emoticions

iMessage - SMS messages & more

The iPod touch also features HD recording which is something every iPod touch user will find useful. Video recording from small devices has always been quite poor but this is an exception as the new HD recording feature will allow you to capture stunning 720p HD video instantly, you'll be able to create amazing videos which you can then edit and cut up on your laptop or MAC.

Another cool new feature of the iPod touch is AirPlay. AirPlay allows you to stream wirelessly to an HDTV and speakers, this will allow you to play films, photos iPod touch videos and YouTube videos on your big TV screen which can be very enjoyable. You can sit back and relax watching a slideshow of your recent holiday on your TV screen, and relive funny moments. Aftwards rent and view HD movies from the palm of your hands.

The iPod touch also carries up to 64GB of storage capacity which means you can do what the iPod was initially set up to do and that's carry mass music and your whole iTunes library.

Written 28/05/12

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