LEGO Indiana Jones 2 – The Adventure Continues Review

The Lego franchise has done it again. They have successfully combined the fun, quirky Lego animation with one of the best action heroes of all time, creating a game that has instant popularity. Lego Indiana Jones 2 for Nintendo DS Lite & DSi promises to be a great asset to the Lego video game series, and it certainly doesn't disappoint. So grab your hat and bust out the bullwhip because it's going to be a fun ride.

Lego Indiana Jones 2 lets you re-enact all the best scenes from the three original movies. Like other Lego games, the basic game play is puzzle solving, mashed in with light combat and platform levels. The puzzles are challenging without being mind boggling; the game saves the trickier ones for bonus levels. The obstacles on each level are diverse and send new tricks your way to constantly keep you on your block-like toes. From a dizzying mine cart ride to riding elephants to battling your worst fears (snakes, anyone?), Lego Indiana Jones "The Adventure Continues" has enough twists and turns to keep any Indiana Jones fan gloriously occupied for hours on end.

One of the best non-gaming aspects to Lego Indiana Jones 2 is the mega infusions of gut busting humour. The cut scenes take you through a much sillier version of the movies than Spielberg originally intended, but that's what Lego is best at. Throughout the game, there are funny little things to catch and giggle about, from soldiers wearing Darth Vader helmets to Indy strapping on a blonde wig to fool some dim-witted guards. Hilarity ensues.

Some of the deficits include a reluctant AI that is best solved by getting a friend to strap himself in beside you, or even hooking up a second controller and doing it yourself. Also, jumping, one of the toughest video game skills, can lead to many an untimely death if your aim is just a little off, leading to some frustrating retries.

In the end, Lego Indiana Jones 2 Nintendo DS & DSi, is the next best thing in the Lego game series yet. With challenging puzzles and humorous cut scenes, it promises to be a game that you'll play over and over again. Hats off to you, Indiana, you never disappoint. by Lauren

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