Lips: Number One Hits for Xbox 360 - Karaoke Bars, Watch Out

Who hasn't gone to a karaoke bar and listened to crowds of people belt out their favorite tunes, mangling them beyond recognition until you feel near dizzy with hysterical laughter? Nowadays, karaoke videogames are bringing this phenomena into your living rooms, and the neighbors couldn't be happier. Lips: Number One Hits is no exception, and while it still has the cheese factor that everyone loves about karaoke, it has managed to explode its way into stores and bring the franchise back into the spotlight.


The bundle comes with a motion sensitive, wireless mic that lights up with the same color you're represented with on screen. Like other karaoke games, the lyrics pop up with bars for pitches and timing. Your singing fills up the empty bars, and the game awards you points. Some of the key features include watching the music videos while you sing, banking the in-game points to upgrade your singer status, and with an Internet connection, you can set yourself up at the Lips online store. You're getting the same mini-games and levelling system that were in the original game but with a visual re-haul and 40 new tracks.

Now, a lot of critique about karaoke games is the less developed solo player mode. With Lips, the solo player has just as much to offer as the multi player. For multi player, all someone has to do is grab an extra mic, shake it like a maraca, and presto, they're in the game. In solo player mode, your progress is tracked in multiple ways, and for every correct note you hit, you build up Star Stream juice and collect even more points. So you can either party with the whole neighborhood or dump the group and be a solo artist.

Some issues. The load times are a little too long to avoid being annoying. Another issue, is if you want to play some tracks from the original Lips, the game will ask you to switch disks. Ripping the songs ala Rock Band would have been a much easier system to deal with.

In the end, it's a good quality karaoke game that, while it doesn't bring any spectacularly amazing to the table, will still get you belting out Lady Gaga like a pro. Lips: Number One Hits for Xbox 360 is a great addition to any karaoke geeks collection. Just try not to break the noise ordinance. by Lauren Faszewski

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Lips: Number One Hits with Wireless Mics Bundle and the Hits catalogue featured on the X-Factor, 2009. "Lloyd learns to sing with Yvie"

Cert:12+ Lips includes 40 songs, each comes with the original artist music video. Motion sensor microphones pick up when you dance or play an instrument. Lips pack comes with two FREE motion sensor microphones. Sing along to your own MP3 music collection, download new tunes from Xbox. Lips gameplay rivals PlayStation's SingStar game amongst the best of all time Singing games! [Link]

Get the party started with Lips: Number One Hits, the newest addition to the Lips series exclusively for Xbox 360. The unofficial X-Factor singing karaoke game
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