Mario Kart Nintendo DS

Mario Kart DS

Release Date: 25/11/2005

Mario Kart DS is a racing game in which players compete against opponents, as one of 13 characters, on karts, bikes and other amusing vehicles. During gameplay, the top screen gives a third-person perspective of the player's machine, meanwhile the bottom touchscreen gives the placements.

On track power-up items carried by players add a new twist to the unpredictability of driving. In Mario Kart players can go from last to first and vice versa, by clever power-ups or rival hazards (depending on the scenario) scattered around the course. Simply driving through a 3D cube will collect the power-up for immediate use or further down the road.

Super Mario Kart dates back to the early years of Nintendo handhelds in 1992, when it launched first on the SNES console. This new version on the Nintendo DS introduces wi-fi play for peer to peer sharing this game over wifi with your friends, to allow multiplayer Mario Kart using one cartridge. Brilliant!

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