Mario Party (DS)

Mario Party

Release Date: 23/11/2007

As the name suggests, Mario Party (Nintendo DS) is a party video game that allows players to throw a party anywhere and play with friends. Developed by Hudson Soft for Nintendo DS platform, it is the eleventh addition in the Mario Party series, and the final Mario Party DS game.


There are eight playable characters in the game including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Wario, Daisy, Waluigi, and Toad. The use of download play functionality allows four players to play the game wirelessly on one game card. As it can be shared to other Nintendo DS consoles, players can enjoy and have endless fun while playing with their friends from anywhere. The multiplayer action allows them to be onboard with their buddies and challenge them to play and win.


In this story, Mario finds one of the five sky crystals falling to earth and shows it to his friends. Though in suspicion but each of them goes to Browser's Castle. There they get trapped and Browser shrinks them by using his new minimizer. Here the actual fun starts where they start looking for four other sky crystals and face gigantic challenges. Together they defeat the Browser and take back the stolen sky crystal. Everybody is happy and get together to party and enjoy.

Mario Party (DS) has a good range of Gameplay modes:

Story Mode: This is a solo mode where Mario and all of his friends are shrunk by the Browser. Here they move toward Browser's Castle and defeat him.

Party Mode: In this mode, maximum four players can play on a single game card. With the amazing functionality of Nintendo DS download play, four players can play the game wirelessly.

Minigame Mode: Minigames can be played in both solo and multi-player mode. Maximum four players can play on a single game card. There is a pool of around more than 70 minigames including Battle Cup, Free Play, Boss Bash, Step it Up, and Rocket Rascals.

Puzzle Mode: Total six puzzle-action games are there, out of which five are classics that are taken from previous Mario games. The games can be played by a single or maximum two players together.

Gallery Mode: There are 150 prizes available including figures, cutscenes, and music.

Written by Jamie Wagburt, January 05 2011

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