New Nintendo 3DS Console Announced?

Breaking News: Stand by for proper 3D gaming! Can Nintendo do it again? Nintendo 3DS (provisionally named) will be the successor to the popular DS Lite and DSi consoles. 3D gaming is coming soon. Nintendo will release more details at E3. March 28th 2010 is a special occasion, as it’s the last release of 2D handheld Nintendo’s, the DSi XL. Game over for the DSi XL? We’ll have to wait and see. March 2010


Nintendo 3DS is a New Hardware Series: The Nintendo 3DS is backward compatible with the Nintendo DS line, Nintendo has announced. This means that the Nintendo 3DS is expected to have two digital cameras like the Nintendo DSi. It is not yet known whether they will be of a higher grade than the DSi’s current 0.3 megapixel cameras. The official Nintendo announcement simply suggests this. Kotaku. March 2010

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