How Much Is That Doggy In My DS?

What's cute, furry, and fits in the palm of your hand? That is a riddle answered by Nintendogs for Nintendo DS, a game that puts the bygone Tamagotchi officially out to pasture. With only a few streamlined options that can feel slightly limiting, Nintendogs is adorably charming and sets tails wagging all around...

Immediately upon entering the game, you are taken to the Nintendog Kennel to choose your newest cuddly companion from six different breeds of digital dogs. The breeds available depend on the particular version of the game you possess, though with all versions you can unleash eighteen breeds in total. Each puppy has its own personality, from the adventurous sidekick to the sweet shy guy, and each time you pick a particular breed it will shuffle through a variety of colors and personalities for the picking. Just choose your pooch, pay the adoption fee, and bring your newest furry adoptee home.

If you 're worried that you won't be able to bond with the computerized canines, think again. There is considerable effort put into each doggy detail. This encompasses the appearance of the breeds, from body types and coat patterns, to the mannerisms of the puppies themselves. Each bound, tail wag, and attention hungry whimper are crafted to melt even the coldest heart.

Once you 've brought the lucky little scamp home, you can name him using the game's voice recognition software, repeating the moniker until your puppy has learned its name. You can shower your pooch with affection to your heart's content, and when you've had your fill, the training can begin. Just tap the corresponding light bulb with the trick you want your furry friend to master until the correspond the command to the action. Eventually, you and your dog can participate in a variety of different contests. Win, and you can earn a shiny trophy and a trip to the next round. But try not to lose, or it's back down a level, so you'll have to scrap your way back up again. There are also a multitude of activities to enjoy with your Nintendog. From walks in the park to playing frisbee to buying an assortment of toys, the options are endless and endlessly enjoyable.

Nintendogs for Nintendo DS is a wonderful hand held experience for dog lovers everywhere. And, as a bonus feature, absolutely no clean up or vet bills involved. That's incentive enough.

Nintendogs is a DSi compatible game, originally launched with the Pink Nintendogs DS Lite console. Versions and names of titles to explore:


Nintendogs Labrador Retriever & Friends

Nintendogs Dalmatian & Friends

Nintendogs Miniature Dachshund & Friends

How Much Is That Doggy In My DS?

Release Date: 25/11/2005

Author credit: by Lauren Faszewski

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