No Reply or EMAIL? First check your Junk/Spam mail folder for our important Emails

Important: Before contacting us about No Email or Reply, first check your Junk mail folder. Email Filtering is unreliable.

Our email address is new to you and not in your/organisation's safe contact list - hence email will be missorted. No trust is the predetermined fate for all websites with a rank outside the top 10,000 Globally.

Email confirmation on your Order will be sent immediately after a successful checkout. Please read it. We might need to contact you to validate an incomplete address before we can dispatch - so check your emails.

No email or reply?
1) Check what email address your PalPal invoice has. All correspondences go there.

2) Perhaps you mistyped your email during Debit Card checkout?

3) Do not send email to the "noreply" email address - it is unmonitored.

4) Apple iPhone / iPads / iOS: Manually click on the Junk mail folder to force a DOWNLOAD of new email from a new business contact.

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Need more help? Read more: https://www.gamestock.co/payment-orders-and-delivery

"Email is a very simple old technology which is being used beyond it's capabilities. The internet evolved quickly, preventing a better replacement due to no compatibility and the importance of interoperability on all systems widely used."

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Update 05/06/2017: From today we no longer support Hotmail or any Microsoft email address. We can no longer guarantee delivery to Microsoft email addresses. We recommend switching to Gmail.

Microsoft is experiencing 4.5 billion junk emails per day, and many emails are incorrectly rejected.

Meanwhile I still receive hundreds of spam and phishing emails a week from non-business Microsoft Outlook accounts. Clearly broken.
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I don't look in my junk either... delete all when it goes to double figures.

I never have junk mail now, or so i thought. only just found out my iphone and tablet won't download junk email, unless i open the junk folder. 182 unread, some are months old now :(. cursed Outlook!!!
I don't look in my junk either... delete all when it goes to double figures.

Ten years ago, 50 to 60 percent of email was from another person, and now it’s 8 to 10 percent. The other 90 percent is from a machine — email marketing, receipts, new Twitter followers, Facebook comments, check-ins, monthly statements, blah blah blah.

PayPal, eBay eCheque Warning - Nothing will be dispatched until payment has cleared. eCheque 5 to 7 days for funds to clear.

Q: PayPal eCheque Warning - Order on Hold Pending Clearance
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