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If you hadn’t already devised a survival strategy for when the zombie outbreak finally does hit, I may have a rather radical proposal for you. The sheer volume of undead-related titles consumers have been bombarded with over the past few years have them tightly gripped in a state of paranoia, waiting for the day they hear news of the dead walking and their House of the Dead headshot training finally comes of some use to them.

PVZ PC mac

Or perhaps, their tender love for the occupants of their greenhouses is what saves them. I am of course referring to the new PopCap title ‘Plants vs Zombies, which pits a homeowner (that’s you) against waves and waves of zombies that have nothing better to do than cross your unfathomably large garden and eat the contents of your skull. Luckily for us, the homeowner you control has particularly green fingers and must have sold several cows for magic beans in order to grow so many plants that do more than just photosynthesise.

Plants vs Zombies plays a lot like a tower defence game, but brings more to the table than any other released title of its genre. Whilst not story driven, it manages to pit the player against a plethora of comically dressed and equipped zombies, adding more gameplay aspects as the adventure mode progresses. One level you might be casually planting Wallnuts to block the unintelligent masses from swimming in your pool, the next you’re frantically planting mines in the fog trying to stop the American Football players from stomping into your house and voiding it of life.

Plants vs Zombies is not too stressing, humorous, laid back and quite simple. It is a refreshing approach to the tower defence genre, and will eat your time as well as your brain as you crush, freeze, burn, hypnotise, detonate and impale the swarm of undead that cross your beloved lawn.

Warning: Plants vs Zombies may seem to have the effect of bending space and time – its’ addictive gameplay merely bears likeness to this phenomenon. by Thomas Holloway, October 2009

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