PlayStation 4 Camera (PS4)

A PS4 camera probably isn’t at the top of your wish list when shopping for a next gen bundle. After looking through the charts it’s the most popular accessory bought after the PS4 console, which now appears to be in very short supply. Finding a PS4 Camera in stock was no problem until a few weeks ago. Things have changed since the launch of the PSVR.

Today the pre-order waiting list is over a month. The PS4 hardware shortages might go as far as DS4 charging stations and controllers as Sony struggle to meet the higher than expected demand for their amazing new games console.

Do you want your PS4 to log you into your PSN account when the console sees you? Do you want to play hands free, access the Playroom virtal reality 3D games and broadcast yourself live around the World - you need the PS4 camera accessory for that!

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