PlayStation Portable: PSP 3000 Features

Thanks to the rapid advancement in the technology sector, our gaming experience is getting better and better. PSP was the concept which at the time of introduction in the market was a clear rage but as the consumers are getting habituated with the rapid development as well, expectations are naturally going to touch the sky.

PSP Slim & Lite series was owned by many of us in the gaming community who like to play videogames and watch movies on the go. But the advanced modifications in the latest PSP 3000 tempts us with a better quality console. Some feel the 3000 console was pushed out too early after all, many folks had bought the new PSP console less than one year ago.

The new PSP 3000 console is much slimmer than previous versions and is also lighter in weight than PSP 2000 and PSP slim. PSP 3000 has curves in the end unlike straight cut angle like the other two elder brothers. The buttons are modified along the bottom line as well and are round in shapes which are oval in other two versions. I was disappointed the PSP 3000 console does not come with internal memory, you need to buy a duo memory card separately to save games

One of the very significant modifications in the recently launched PSP 3000 is the inbuilt microphone and also the screen. The inbuilt microphone is a very important and interesting addition to the device as it can prove to very helpful and useful for using applications such as online gaming as well as Skype. PSP 3000 has a screen with a much better resolution than previous versions and it is made in such a way that it has the ability to resist glare, this means that you can play with it in outdoors without the sunrays hampering your game.

One more feature that has witnessed change in the new PSP 3000 is the video output which has made it easy for the consumers to connect it with their TV, which do not carry a progressive output. PSP 2000 or PSP slim could be used only with HDTV's but this is not the case with latest PSP 3000 as it supports and functions well with non-HDTV as well.

People had doubts regarding the battery life of the new PSP 3000 which many believed wouldn't last any longer than PSP 2000 but this rumour is completely untrue. New PSP 3000 has almost equal or more battery life and one can play game or watch movie for on average five to six hours continuously without any sort of interference.

PSP 3000 can be used as cellular device as it has microphone and with the help of WiFi spots sprinkled throughout the city, it can be very useful with the help of applications like Skype.

There is a bit of cosmetic up gradation as well and at the back of the new PSP device, there is a slim metal halo made unlike the other two previous older versions. The home button is missing as well and this button has been replaced by a PSN button, which is much more impressive. As mentioned above, the new PSP 3000 has smoother edges for better and comfortable grip than before.

New PSP 3000 is available in two colours and these are piano black and mystic silver and both of these colours give a great personality to this portable and handy device. PSP 3000 might be a bit expensive than previous versions but it is definitely worth it, with its anti-glare screen and better resolution, it ability to connect to a TV and best of all an inbuilt microphone, which undoubtedly gives PSP 3000 an edge over other versions.

Q: Whats in the box? A: PSP 3000 console, charger and battery pack. If you are considering buying a PSP 3000, check out the entertainment packages which feature Rachet and Clank: Secret Agent Clank, the bundle include memory card and game PSP bundles

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