SingStar Dance Review (PS3)

The SingStar on PlayStation 3 is all new for 2010. If you are always on the lookout for just grabbing a mic and using your vocal cords for churning out some melodious concoctions, this one is an ideal platform for you. It has a multiplayer function. You can sing along with friends and probably even upload a video or two, online.

SingStar PS3

Release Date: 05/11/2010

It's simple to figure out how the SingStar on PlayStation actually works. The multi-player games can be enjoyed by four players at a time. A couple of them can sing / play a guitar or two can dance along, with the PlayStation move wands. You can even use two SingStar guitars in this game! A silhouette appears on the screen and the dancers are supposed to mimic the dance moves. You are rated on how well you can imitate the steps.

Singstar Dance song list is bigger and more main strain pop, familiar to UK music fans, which probably attributes to its small yet loyal fan following here. Some of its unique features that differentiate it from other similar formats are as follows:

  • The first and the most obvious one is Singstar Dance comes without Microphones, reducing the price considerably. A Mic bundle will cost £17.00; and the same price for compatible Guitars.
  • Quite unlike other games, the SingStar Dance on PlayStation 3 aims at transforming you into a true dancer. There are no repetitive steps in the choreographed sequence. Although foot movements are limited, there is an immense variety of hip shakes and hand moves you can truly master.
  • If you do not buy the game, you can still buy 50 move enabled tracks on SingStore once the Blu-ray is released.
  • As you mimic the dancing avatar on the screen, you can see yourself and your friends as captured by the PlayStation eye, rather than having to watch a music video.

Now including the Eye camera and Move, SingStar-Dance on PlayStation 3 makes it a distinctly different party game.

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