Tekken 6 (Xbox 360)


Release Date: 30/10/2009

In the mortal words of coin-op fans around the World “Enter, The King of Iron Fist Tournaments: Tekken 6”. Tekken was made for coin-operated gaming. Arcade born with a unique stick/button gamepad destined for Playstation 1, 2 and PSP, Tekken 6 debuts on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 simultaneously. Ever wondered which came first, Virtual Fighter or Tekken? Virtual Fighter came out a year before Tekken did in 1993; Tekken came out the year after in 1994.

As before in Tekken 5, a new roster of fighters and veterans return in 6. Each character is equipped with their own deadly techniques, moves and attack combos. As well as hand-to-hand martial-arts, players have a vast choice of staffs, weapons and utilities to beat 'em up with.

TEKKEN 6: 4 Fast Facts

  • Motion blur special effects - can be toggled On/Off.
  • First ever 60fps fighting game.
  • 5 frames rebound during strike when blocked.
  • Specially made wireless joystick for Tekken 6: TEKKEN 6 HORI Arcade Stick Bundle, made with custom Art, also with 100 page Tekken 6 Book

New Features: Tekken's staple tactic powerfully depletes your opponent's life-bar by using a juggler attack move. Each character has juggle combo moves. Activate a rage system to give a player a relentless boost whilst their vitality is low, upon raging a red meter surrounds the character and the health bar flickers red. Online multiplayer PSN and XBox Live! Largest roster in the series - 6 new characters, making a total of 42 with mostly customisable costumes to take online. Two non playable characters, Azazel (f) and one nicknamed Nancy-8 (not to be mistaken for Nancy-MI647J) enter Tekken 6 boss arena.

What's in Tekken 6 Arcade Edition Bundle?

Pre-ordering the game ahead of its release day lets you buy collectors' and limited edition bundle versions (PS3/Xbox) that include extras you can't buy after release. Retailers could easily sell out the HORI Arcade bundle as early as September due to the high anticipation of this being the first ever Xbox Tekken. Inside the arcade edition bundle is a TEKKEN 6 HORI Wireless Arcade Stick made with custom Artwork, also you get a 100 page Tekken 6 Book with Special Edition boxed game. The Limited Edition Tekken includes, Special Edition boxed game + the Book + Hooded jumper all in for only £69

Category: Fighting beat em up. See also Street Fighter 4 . Frequently updated Tekken 6 game deals and Tekken 6 console bundles when shops have them on sale. by Atari & Namco

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