Which colour 3DS should you get?

Pictures have circulated the web showing purple, orange, red and silver 3DS games consoles. These could well be for Nintendo marketing purposes. Similarly a variety of bright Wii console colours emerged on blogging sites during 2006. Images of green, black, red and even a blue Nintendo Wii still looked cool. Five years later, three colours were launched. The blue and green never made it past concept stage – though they did become DSi XL colours in 2010.

There are only two 3DS colours out now. Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black. For most this is crucial decision. But for other casual easy going types, it's not...

Aqua Blue Advantages: The aqua colour is unmistakable and instantly identifiable as being a Nintendo 3DS from a greater distance.

Cosmos Black Advantages: The uber cool Cosmos Black won’t make your eyes bleed from sunlight reflection. Black gadgets look more expensive. The Cosmos black is not plain or boring it's classy, just like the paint on a BMW M3 sports car. If black t-shirts and jeans are your thing, then a perfect match has been found.  Go for your favourite colour.

Boys should buy a Cosmos Black 3DS. Grubby fingerprints hide well on this one.

Girls should get an Aqua Blue 3DS. It has a sexy metallic gradient, changing subtle tones from dark aqua blue to light aqua blue on the console’s clam shell case. The enamel back is a more a solid metallic aqua blue. Eye shadow, nail varnish, hair braids, jewellery, Barbie doll clothes and all things girly match this.

Neither colour is more or less likely to scuff. Both have the same tuff enamel coat. The dual screens on the 3DS are less durable and not as scratch resistant as the cases.

What one did I buy? Aqua.

Orange 3DSPurple 3DS Silver 3DSRed 3DS

Written by Harry Turner - 04/04/2011

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