Wii U Console - Online Gaming Service Similar to PSN & Xbox Live

As gaming enthusiasts argue about whether Wii U online gaming service will be similar to or better than Sony's PSN and Microsoft's Xbox Live, Nintendo's marketing manager announced that gamers can expect much better service for the 3DS and their Wii U. This is reassuring as lack of adequate online service was one of the key issues faced by players with the Nintendo Wii.

The Wii U, Nintendo's new video game innovation on the block, is presented as a tablet device with a touchscreen in its controller. The player has the option to shift the game from the TV to the device's screen.

In a recent interview, Nintendo's Miyamoto claimed that the Wii U console will be just marginally more powerful than that of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to keep costs low. According to him, the main attraction of the new console is the controller and new gameplay options rather than the graphics. The goal is to strike a balance between the CPU and GPU so that it can integrate with the system's HD capabilities.

Nintendo hints that the new Wii U will be closer to what gamers expected from an online service such as Xbox Live or PlayStation Network. Gamers have always lamented about the Wii's lack of voice chat support, friend codes for each game, and the inability to know when friends are online. Because when the entire concept of the system is around people getting together and having fun with the games, the above-mentioned features are a must-have. Nintendo assures that these issues are being addressed in the new controller's built-in mics and other features.

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Nintendo is yet to announce a price for the tentative 2012 launch of the new Wii U console. There is hope that Wii U will come with far better online services for gamers. Stay tuned for the latest, drop your email below to follow this conversation. Sharing is caring.

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