Wii U Pre-order Prices

Like any new gadget, the cost to pre-order Wii U is ambitious. Providing the majority of customers are interested in getting one, the high street RRP will stand up. Currently the initial offering let you choose between black or white / premium or standard, and the ZombiU bundle.

Focusing on the system only price: The Wii U black 32GB premium pack costs £299.99, where as the Wii U white 8GB costs £249.99 (best prices now).

One killer app can be a good enough reason for a gadget to be the "must have tech" for Christmas.

From experience, these pre-order prices are likely to hold. Of course the quoted high street prices will vary day to day. GAME retail have closed Regent Street store, in London, so appear to be having an even worse financial recovery after going in to Administration during 2012. The problem is two fold. The more Nintendo allow GAME & Amazon to discount a new consoles, the less profit they will make. The cheaper the preorder price, the more they will sell, but make less profit. So although the Wii U pricing is ambitious, it's not overpriced.

No doubt a 32GB white and 8GB black Wii U have been anticipated by Nintendo for future release.

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Can the Wii U replicate a similar level of success the Wii had?
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Seen the bank holiday sale in Surrey today didnt buy, but just visited game online and saw
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£50 off Wii u bundle monster hunter.
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Call me a cynic but I don't believe the news that retailers are selling Nintendo wii u at a loss. MCV wrote about Asda and ShopTo had knocked £50 off the price to sell them at a loss. From retrospective memory, I have seen Asda holding off buying new model stock until they sell the old. When PS3 brought out bigger gig systems Asda didn't sell them for months until there old stock went. As for shopto they would rather sell consoles on eBay outlet and pay premium listing fees, rather than through their affiliate channel which pays 0% commission on consoles. So obviously they still make money on selling Wii u. Otherwise they wouldn't bother. Online shops have minimal stocks. It would destroy their business if they had hundreds of units, then the retail price crashed by £50. Im not arguing retail are greedy either. The margins must be small, due to postage costs on heavy items being shipped free, also they have the risk of covering returns.
It is a shame to see their stock prices fall year on year being a big Nintendo fan. The fact is, spending is down, unemployment is rising, both don't help. Amazon doesn't need to drop their prices as they're on target selling more Wii u... The way people shop now a days has changed. The majority of shoppers wont compare.
PriceDropTech 14-03-2013
Quick grab this cheap nintendo wii u for only £41.40! Gameseek have some pricing errors on consoles again!

Quick grab this cheap nintendo wii u for only £41.40! Gameseek have some pricing errors on consoles again!Enlarge


thanks for email, sorted got it sorted now :)
Just to let you know Zavvi has Nintendo Wii U 32GB Console - Black, priced at £224.99 in stock now, £30.95 cheaper than the best price £255.94. Hurry offers as good as these don’t last long.

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Zavvi Wii Premium
Connor Millsap11-04-2013
Wii U 8GB Basic pack now only, at £184.99 click and collect only, £63.01 cheaper..
Brian Tapsel18-04-2013
News flash just in - shopto.net email came in offering me the wii u basic for their best ever price £179.86 inc free shipping and 12 months warranty. in stock now! The second best price comes with just dance 4 priced up for sale at £229.85 in stock.
Another huge price crash for wii u! Asda Direct has Nintendo WII U BASIC priced at £149.00, £98.85 cheaper. Also the cost of the premium has tumbled by £56... Nintendo WII U 32GB on sale for £199.00 now! #maymadness - might end soon, or will other shops follow?
its probably not the price that keeps the console from selling. the games on wii u haven't exactly set the world on fire
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Looks like this was very popular. Zavvi sold out soon afterwards, now they have put the price back up. It's a much higher price £274.99
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