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Black Wii fit plus

News 20-11-10: Another Nintendo bundle is heading our way. A Limited Edition Black Wii Fit Plus is coming soon!

Until recently Wii balance boards have been sold in White, soon you can buy the complete Nintendo Wii Fit starter pack with a limited edition black balance Board.

What's in the box


  1. Limited Edition Nintendo Wii - Black
  2. Wii Remote Plus Black
  3. Nunchuk controller Black
  4. Wii Fit Balance Board Black


  1. Wii Sports
  2. Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus by Nintendo entertainment systems is not only a major fitness game; it is also one of the most recognized Exergaming programmes in the realm of entertainment. Wii Fit Plus has 60+ exercises, and comes bundled with the Wii Balance Board.

Wii Fit, BMI Personal Graph

BMI Personal Graph

Pricewise online competition amongst online retailers has never been tougher. High Street stores have been able to list this bundle for £199.99, yet online today it's available to pre-order cheaper. Buy one quick, it's an exceptional deal for only £169.99 - this has got to be the ultimate starter pack!

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