Xbox 360 Console Bundle with Call of Duty: MW3

The Modern Warfare series has been one of the most memorable throughout gaming history. No other game has more under aged players than this franchise! As far as first person shooter games go, this series was the one which set the bench-mark for others. However, other games were soon able to replicate and improve on aspects of gameplay, causing concern as to whether the Call of Duty's gameplay had lost the crown.

Xbox 360 320gb with Modern Warfare 3 Bundle

Two years in development and now it's just a matter of days before Activision fire the new Modern Warfare 3 onto the almighty Xbox 360 console.

To celebrate the release, a CoD custom themed bundle has been created. Pricewise it retails for £269.99.

Read it and weep Playstation fans; this baby is not coming to PS3.

  1. Microsoft Xbox 360 S console (320GB model)
  2. 2x Customised Controllers
  3. 1x USB DualShock charging cable
  4. AV Component cable
  5. Kinect Compatible hardware


  1. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Standard Edition)

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