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Zombie U doesn’t follow in the same routes as other zombie games. For a starter the game is more realistic than others zombie filled games such as resident evil and other games, also Zombie U doesn’t stick to the one character. When you die, you aren’t reborn in to the same character but as a new one. The most interesting part is that your previous character is then turned into a zombie of whom you can hunt down to retrieve your guns, ammo and tools of what you died with and didn’t instantly get back.

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Release date - Winter 2012
Price £29.99
PEGI: 18



Whilst battling through the streets of London, England you can use the controller as your BOB (Bug out bag) which includes all your necessary survival gear such as maps, tools, weapons and supplies. Discussions have been brought about on the subject of playing with others on this game. To answer your questions, multiplayer mode is available although one player is using the Wii U controller and the other, a Wii U remote (standard wii remote).

Zombie Tube

Zombie tube

Zombie U is going to tick all the boxes on hard core gaming, with new features and offering a brand new way of gaming. The 6.2 inch screen on the controller offers an exciting twist on the usual game controllers. Also you can play online; Nintendo has been a part of huge debates on whether they will catch up to online modes that are offered by Xbox (Xbox Live) and Playstation (Playstation Network) perhaps this is the beginning of Nintendo taking the lead in modern gaming and technology?

Survival Kit: Bug-out Bag

Bug out bag

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