SpotPass and StreetPass - Something New Everyday

Don't leave home without one!

The beauty of carrying your 3DS around with you, now has one other major benefit! Whilst the 3DS is in sleep mode, its busy sending and receiving WiFi data to detect other Nintendo's in range, using an exciting new technology called "SpotPass" - so far it detects 3DS hardware and access points. Via the access points free software download notices from Nintendo are picked up.

StreetPass works in tandem with SpotPass. StreetPass plans to provide on-the-fly new content without user interaction. As you walk by someone with a 3DS both consoles are sending and receiving ghost data; in for instance Mario Kart. SpotPass will allow trail downloads without the need to do anything. DS stations will be converted to 3DS stations gradually. Also the McDonald's Nintendo Zone for 3DS will follow in time.

Nintendo have great philosophies and this one is groundbreaking, owners will not want to leave home without their consoles. Besides the ‘something new everyday concept’ of SpotPass, the 3DS is going to pioneer the way to bring other tech in to our lives. 3d tv and movies

  • Virtual console coming to 3DS
  • Gameboy games coming first
  • Classic titles with new 3D look remade
  • A system to transfer DSiWare to 3DS
  • New 3DSWare coming soon

3DS StreetPass Video

by Harry Turner, 04-10-2010

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