What Does StreetPass Do?

The new Nintendo 3DS promises to take gaming to an entirely new level with some great new features, the most intriguing of which is certainly the StreetPass system.

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What is Street Pass?

StreetPass is a Wi-Fi system that allows 3DS consoles that are within a certain radius to communicate with each other without the gamers' active participation. The feature does not require an internet connection, starting automatically as soon as the user gets within distance of another 3DS.

Nintendo first introduced this passive wireless tagging system in 2009 with the highly successful Dragon Quest IX made for the Nintendo DS. ‘Surechigai Tsuushin’ or passerby communication' allowed users to automatically exchange gaming information such as profiles and maps and hunt down rare items.

Happily, in addition to providing cutting-edge 3D visuals, the 3DS console also addresses the problem of rapid battery drain due to the Tag Mode on its battery life. The console comes with its own charge cradle that allows users to easily recharge their systems.

Gaming with StreetPass

Out of Nintendo's list of upcoming 3Ds compatible games, two stands out which seem to make sizeable use of StreetPass. The company has announced that both Dead or Alive: Dimensions and Super Street Fighter IV 3D will be enhanced with tag-based features. Super Street Fighter IV 3D uses StreetPass to carry out automatic duels between nearby consoles. Gamers receive a reward or penalty depending on the fight's outcome though they remain unaware while the actual combat takes place.

Tecmo Koei's Dead or Alive: Dimensions allows a similar kind of player interaction which has the added attraction of being much more hands-on. The game analyses your unique fighting style over time to create an AI character that is a virtual clone of yourself. Once another console is located, the systems automatically exchange character parameters and the players receive a challenge notification which can then be accepted to start an active duel.

Is this the best 3DS feature? There is no doubt that StreetPass and SpotPass will add an exciting new edge to 3D gaming.

Written on 22-03-2011

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