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Enjoy Nintendo with Ant & Dec

01-12-2009: The geordie boys have featured a lot on prime time TV on a series of fun adverts endorsing Nintendo, DS & DSi and Wii pub nights... the enjoynintendo.co.uk website has a few pictures of the cheeky duo and links to places where to buy a Nintendo. Enjoy Nintendo Wii Fit Plus

Weight Watchers and Wii Fit

02-11-2009: Weight Watchers has formed a working partnership with Nintendo Wii Fit Plus ambitiously the combo is part of a healthier lifestyle and not a rapid weight loss ploy. The Discover Plan makes you more aware of you cravings, eat well and feel full. Weight Watchers and Wii Fit

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

20-10-2009: One of the newest "top Wii games" to use the Wii fit balance board is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. You can play with any control style you want - Wii Remote with and without Nunchuk or just use the Wii balance board. Top Wii Game

Wii Fit Plus

02-07-2009: Wii Fit Plus the follow up to Wii Fit (by Nintendo) has been announced at the annual games conference. The new Wii Fit plus game software is sold on its own, or you can buy Wii Fit Plus with a Balance Board. View Item

Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009

Wii Fitness Ultimatum 2009

18-03-2009: The first celebrity to endorse Wii and Wii Fit is the star from the NBC reality show "The Biggest Loser" Jillian Michael an established fitness guru is lesser well known for being a girl gamer, but that will soon change. Wii Fitness Ultimatum 2009 uses the Wii Balance Board. My Fitness Coach workouts do not use the Wii board, which was a surprise to many. Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 features a tiered fitness regime, on and off the balance board with exercise techniques and helpful advice. These games are the equivalent of 1980s era of exercise videos with Kickboxing, running, and squats thrown in. Jillian Michael's body looks hard as steel - she is one girl you wouldn't want to mess with!

Feel Great Britain Tour, In Association with Wii Fit

Events are held at venues across Britain from June 2008 - August 2008. Try out Wii Fit or attend to watch others try out Wii Fit Balance Board Activities

Feel Great
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Wii Fit News Tracker

Wii Balance Board Games

Here's a partial list of Wii balance board compatible games and release dates. See here for a full list

  • Wii Fit - 25/04/2008
  • G1 Jockey 2008 - 26/09/2008
  • Wii Music - 14/11/2008
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids - 14/11/2008
  • Shaun White Snowboarding - 14/11/2008
  • All Stars Cheerleader - 14/11/2008
  • Skate It - 21/11/2008
  • Baby Sitting Party - 28/11/2008
  • Family Ski & Snowboard - 27/02/2009
  • Winter Sports 2009 - 27/02/2009
  • Don King Boxing - 27/03/2009
  • Diva Girls: Princess on Ice - 09/04/2009
  • Skate City Heroes - 17/04/2009
  • Jillian Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum 2009 - 24/04/2009
  • EA Sports Active - 22/05/2009
  • Punch Out - 22/05/2009

GAME Wii Fit Delivery 5-10 Days

11-02-2009: Ok so 2009 has seen a big change in feelings about "must have gifts". The credit crunch is biting into would be spenders of those most likely trying to buy Wii Fit. Mr Motivator and a number of other Get Fit Tv shows could be one other free alternative people have turned to. Meanwhile both helped to ease the stock shortage. Toys-R-Us and Tesco have been selling Wii Fits on a twice weekly basis. GAME warned us of 5-10 days for Wii Fit delivery with their Wii Fit packages.

Ebay & PayPal Delaying Wii Fit Orders

Visit eBay

18-12-08: Buying Wii Fit from Ebay is not going to guarantee you get one in time for Christmas. Wii Fit is considered a high risk item by PayPal, and as a result payment is being held for approval by PayPal.

PayPal provides the following information: "Payment Review has been completed and a temporary hold has been placed on this transaction. Please post the item right away. We'll release the funds when one of the following occurs:

  • You receive positive feedback from the buyer
  • It's been 21 days since the payment date and you haven't received a dispute, claim, chargeback, or reversal on the transaction being held "

This is not good news for buyers or sellers. If the buyer gives positive feedback to speed the process to have Wii Fit delivered in time for Christmas, PayPal need to review the transaction and feedback before payment is credited to the seller account. Sellers might not be so keen on posting Wii Fit without a guarantee of payment.

Wii Fit (Fitness Kit Bundle)

01-11-2008 00:10:33: November has seen a new twist in the saga, John Lewis are the only store with what looks like an exclusive Wii Fit Workout Kit which went by the names of , I say names of, because I know the box artwork name shown has changed from "Fii Kit to Fiit Kit", the bundle includes the following:
  • A lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack which fits into your Wii Fit pad battery compartment.
  • Silicon pad cover to protect your Wii fit from dirt and scratches. Its rubberized, textured surface prevents slipping and adds traction for balance.
  • Triple layered exercise mat
  • USB cable
  • Yoga sock with textured soles
  • Durable nylon carry case

The John Lewis Partnership bundled Wii Fit and their Fii Kit together for just £99.00 A similar product called the "Wii Fitness Kit" is launching later this month at all good retailers.

8 Minute Sellout at Toys-R-Us (GMT: 11:09:59 am)

17-10-08: Toys-R-Us released a small quantity of the original Wii Fit with Balance Board package this morning, for the lowest price. Hopefully a few people on Game Stock's Email Alert List will be unsubscribing today!

Tip: Most people look for a Wii Fit battery pack after getting started with Wii Fit. The Battery pack keeps the board charged for long enough to avoid needing the USB wired connection between your Wii and Wii Board.

Home Delivery Temporarily Back

13-10-08: Today Argos retail have made Wii fit bundles available for delivery. The Wii Fit @ £69.99, stock lasted a few hours, but the higher priced Wii Fit and Smash Brawl Bundle can be ordered for home delivery within 2 days.

Warning Wii Fit Pre-Order Alert

6-10-08: Warning Stock Arriving on 12-10-08! Amazon is expecting more Wii Fit on Sunday. You'll need to be quick; Amazon sells out faster than other stores.

Wii Fit Euro Imports

8th September 2008: With not many Wii Fits shipping to Britain many shoppers are asking about importing directly from France or Germany. Both countries have much better supplies, so we have put together a walkthrough about ordering Wii Fit from Europe through Amazon.

How To Order Wii Fit

1-9-08 Judging by the growing number of people on the email alert list, we've decided to put together a few pointers to help you out buyin Wii fit.

Wii Fit at HMV

1-09-08: HMV pre-orders took place over the weekend for next day shipping. Those who ordered should receive Wii Fit this week. The music store also offers exceptional Wii bundles in stores throughout the UK.

Wii Fit at Next

Friday 29 August 2008: Next is not exactly the first place you would look for videogames, but on Friday afternoon Next Electricals put out their Wii Fit stock online much to the delight of many people not wanting to overpay for just the Wii Board and game alone.

Go! Green Buttons

3rd August 2008: Today was a great day for buying Wii fit. Stock was in from all the big brands, Wii fit on its own and great value Wii games deals from gamestation to name but one.

Live! Wii Fit Stock Checker

11 July 2008: Cheapest Wii Fit Prices this Week. Amazon, SoftUK, GameStation

Wii Fit Weekly Report

June 18th 2008: The Nintendo Wii Fit stock at Amazon only lasted several minutes on Friday. GAME have been putting their Wii Fit Stock out with Wii consoles in spurts, as have Dixons and Comet.

Get it while stock lasts

Friday 2 May 2008: Game stock located Wii fit availability at three online stores. The average price was £69.66. Time in stock: 1 hr, 4 hrs and 24hrs.

Nintendo Wii

1-2-08: Getting a Nintendo Wii has never been so easy. The release of two of Nintendo's biggest titles in April could cause steep price increases for those getting hold of a new Wii console.

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Nintendo GB11-01-2012
10th January 2011: Nintendo’s Wii Balance Board™ has been awarded a prestigious, new Guinness World Record™ for “The best-selling personal weighing device”.

In order to break the record, a total of 32,114,428* Wii Balance Boards were sold worldwide between launch and November 2010. This figure comprises 22,663,321 bundled with the original Wii Fit™ software and 9,451,107 bundled with Wii Fit™ Plus software. Since breaking the record, Nintendo has now sold over 22.67** million copies of Wii Fit and more than 19.31** million copies of Wii Fit Plus worldwide.
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