Our Affiliate Programme (UK)

Q: How does our affiliate programme work?

A: You refer customers who buy stuff and then you earn money (1% *commission).

Q: How can you refer customers?

A: You can put Special Links to our Products on your Blog, on a Price comparison site or even in your App.

Find a product page, copy the clean url, then add your own tracking parameter and unique affiliate id I.E > [https://www.gamestock.co/xbox-360?amid=gi_joe&ctrk=amazing], then watch your rewards grow as you continue to spread the word.

Helpful Tips

We want you to benefit, so here's a few important tips. Make sure the last click before the customer complete their purchase comes from our special links. Make sure on their Browser Cookies and Java script is enabled. We can't track commission between different user agent. Incognito mode or in-private browsing might prevent cookies.

For us to pay out your Commission you will need to provide us your bank account and sort code, or a Paypal email address.

Payout times vary. On average, we have 32-day auto validation period, after which time the order can't be returned. Pre-order sales are held until after shipping, then a variable validation period starts. There are too many specific details to explain all reasons should tracking fail or commission be declined. Working with so many different types of technology is a complex task, browsers with Adblockers may stop tracking. Cashback is not guaranteed. If there's a problem validating the an order or the order is reported unauthorised during 180 days from the purchase date, then the commission has failed. Please note such issues are common across all affiliate publishers. The tracking success rate is around 98% working on the basis of a "last click referrer wins commission". Excluded items will be shown in the XML feed. Your API key will list live prices and quantity in stock. Note, as we also sell on eBay, GAME and Amazon, we need to frequently manage allocations to prevent overselling

** Please note commission from other merchants has moved to a dedicated site and has now been fully migrated to 123 Cashback. The dedicated website is better suited, all details have moved. If you have any concerns use the Help & Contact form on 123 Cashback.

As a growing community you can help spread the word! Our conversion rate can be as good as 1:1 on good deals. The recent £149.99 PS4 console deal attracted over 4k visitors per day and quickly sold out.

Other Bonuses

Refer a Friend who becomes a customer and Earn £0.50p. Simply as that, post your member name and your friend's member name on our Facebook.com/GameStockUK wall (or tweet a referal to @gamestock) and you'll get a bonus added to your commission.

Combine all our incentives together to build points fast and claim your cash back from GameStock. Minimum payout £5.00.


User agreement terms & condition here https://www.gamestock.co/conditions

*All activity is subject to checks to prevent fraud or misuse which could result in your account being closed and loosing commission.

*A small administrative fee might apply to withdrawals in future to keep our rewards scheme sustainable. When things change we’ll do our best to make sure you’re notified. Subscribe to our News Emails. Follow. Like. Share.

This reward scheme will run for at least 3 years from 13/6/13. Start now!

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