3DS Pre-installed Software: games and programs

The 3DS console has software and games pre-installed on it. Similar to Nintendo's WiiWare software but for the 3DS.

  • Faceraiders – A fun full 3D shooting game. The game world environment vortex depends on where you play, according to where you aim the 3d cameras to fire. With Nintendo 3DS camera, you can also click photographs of yourself or your family members which can then be placed on the faces of the characters or shooting targets.
  • If you want to have a real world experience while playing video games, Nintendo 3DS AR card games provide the breakthrough technology to make this achievable through a technique called augmented-reality. A live view of real world environment including sound and graphics is augmented by computer-generated sensory
  • Mii Maker – lets you create your own Miis for the first time, or pick a ready made one.
  • StreetPass Mii Plaza – allows you to introduce your Mii character to another 3DSs Mii. Your Mii has can be tailored in time to have details about your likes and dislikes, pets and more. Trade your Miis accessories – hats, clothes etc things won in games. See also Spot Pass
  • StreetPass Quest – a basic RPG game built in will take some time to complete. You have to rescue your kidnapped Mii by challenging other Miis or calling upon your collected Miis. Find out how StreetPass works
  • PuzzleSwap – a number of puzzles to unlock piece by piece, as in a jigsaw puzzle. New pieces are unlocked using two coins won in games (or purchased), or aquired from passing by another 3DS in StreetPass
  • Nintendo 3DS Sound - A built in Audio player, with great features, far better than the DSi playback and also lets you play MP3 and MP4.
  • Built-in 3D Video Recorder and Camera which takes 3D photos you can save!

Written on 18-03-2011

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